I have personally experienced my share of design challenges as a single apartment dweller, working mum in a family home and more recently, downsizing from a house to an apartment. One of life’s real pleasures for me is to create spaces that make people happy because they are functional, beautiful and styled with care and thought.


With a background in textile design and colour theory from OCAD and as a certified interior decorator, my sense of design is inspired by travel, local cultures, design, history, nature, art and craft.

Design is a lifelong obsession for me. I can’t help but mentally redesign objects that appear off balance, adjust a colour until the perfect hue is found or visualize a space in a new style. I’ve always been fascinated with colour and pattern, form and shape, architecture and furniture, and how they express our personal and public environments.

For decades I worked in book publishing, documentary film and in my own niche public relations company. I feel fortunate to now combine my business acumen and customer and media relations experience with my artistic core as an interior decorator and designer.